Jewelry Care

Follow these tips to keep your handmade jewelry looking fabulous.

General care for sterling silver metal, freshwater pearls, opals and other soft & harder gemstones

Make your jewelry the last thing you put on in the morning & the first thing you take off at night.

Remove when cleaning, working out, swimming, applying make up, perfume & taking a shower. The chemicals used during these activities may cause damage & tarnish metal.

Store your jewelry in a cool dry closed place & away from items that may scratch it. If you have an anti-tarnish jewelry pouch or soft cloth bag, use it to store your jewelry.

Wipe your jewelry clean with a soft cloth or use the SUNSHINE brand polishing cloth, which is one of my personal favorites, before returning it to storage this should remove any body oils & dirt.

Never use liquid silver cleaner on jewelry with pearls or porous stones, as they will be damaged. Instead, periodically clean it by making a mixture of baking soda & water the consistency of toothpaste. Rub this mixture using your hands onto the piece or, if necessary, use a very soft toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry completely with a soft cloth.  Never use paper towels or tissue to dry your jewelry as they can contain fibers that can scratch.

How do I take care of my new signature collar necklace?                                                                                                                   

Your new collar necklace is made using, either, fine silver, anti tarnished Argentium silver, anti-tarnished copper, anti-tarnished brass, or silver or gold filled wire. It is sturdy when hand worked into place. It will naturally keep its shape. However, it can be stretched out if it is mishandled and not stored properly. It is a good idea to keep it in the original jewelry gift box provided. If you are unable to use the box, then lay it flat in a cool and dry area; preferably in a traditional jewelry box and away from other jewelry pieces. Always wipe off your necklace with a dedicated jewelry or soft cloth. This will keep the necklace clean, tarnish free and in its original shape. If your necklace does bend or flex out of shape, you can gently work it back into shape using your hands. When placing the necklace around you neck to wear, you can use your hands to help form it to your body. This will not damage it.

How do I take care of my painted wood and buffalo horn jewelry?
Wood and horn are low maintenance materials. However, you want to avoid water and/or heavy perspiration. To much water, will warp the wood. So, don’t wear it while jogging in the rain.  The natural buffalo horn is hardy and you may see that your piece is slightly translucent. Horn overtime may patina darker as you wear it. But, don’t worry, this is natural and makes it even more beautiful. This happens due to your natural body oil. When storing your jewelry, lay it flat in a dry cool environment
How do I keep my felt flowers looking as fresh as the natural ones?

The Eco friendly felt flowers are 100% polyester fiber from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. This fabric is low maintenance. To keep it clean, stored flat facing up with brooch pin or hair clip down and away from dust.  You can keep it in a clear zip lock bag. You may spot clean it only with mild soap and water. Do not put in the washer or dryer.  

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.