Big Red Poppie Felt Flower Brooch

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This Eco friendly felt flower brooch pin is created with 100% polyester fiber from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles.

The metal bar pin back and center beads are sewn on with 100% cotton embroidery yarn. The center beads of the poppie are polymer and or glass.

Size: Approximately 5” dia.

Wear on your coat, blazer, vest, jacket, dress, scarves, sweaters, t-shirt, hat, handbag, belt or whatever suits you! They are also great accents on table tops and pillows.

Care instructions: Spot clean only with mild soap and water. Do not put in the washer or dryer. Store flat facing up with brooch pin or hair clip down and away from dust.   You can scrunch-up the petals in your hand to give it a more stylist form.

This is a stock photo and your actually flower may look slightly different. 

Not suitable for children under 12 years old.

This is an American handmade item.