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Do YOU share in the desire to adorn yourself with authentic ways of expressing your own personal style without looking like everyone else in the room?

Do YOU love knowing who created your jewelry and the story behind it?


If you answered, YES, to any of these questions; then, I am the jewelry artist for YOU!

I LOVE handcrafting jewelry for YOU!  For me seeing women, like yourself, wear my jewelry makes my heart sing!  I am passionate about sharing my talent to connect with amazing women.                     


I design jewelry for the...

  • Free spirited progressive thinking woman who dances to the beat of her own drum.
  • She is inspired by nature’s incredible beauty and the conscientious people around her.
  • She goes out of her way to radiate positive energy through acts of love, peace and kindness.
  • She loves adventure and doesn’t have to travel too far to find it.
  • She understands the importance of taking time to renew her spirit and treats herself with symbolic keepsake jewelry that embodies a deeper meaning & appreciation of her life’s journey.


I bet you can identify with this women because, she is most likely you! Or a very special women in your life.  So, treat her well; she deserves it!


A little about me

How I started in jewelry

I began handcrafting jewelry, in 2005, after searching for a unique gift for my mother’s birthday. I sought out a friend who created handmade jewelry at a local bead store. However, she was not in!  In spite of that, a young man there convinced me that I could make my mother jewelry.  At first, I had no interest but, he sat me down and taught me how to do basic stringing. It brought back euphoric memories of times of giving my mother handmade simple little trinkets from my childhood that she held dear to her heart!                          

As I think back, I can see how my creative spirit was well nurtured by my father’s painting and his artistic ability to take what others would discard and give it a second life!  My fashion sense was inspired by my mother who would sew clothing and decorative accessories for the home.  And, I loved watching her get all dressed up with the makeup, perfume, shoes, matching purse, and, of course, jewelry!


What I did before Jewelry

I have worked as an interior designer in the Washington, D. C. metropolitan area for over 15 years. After graduating from Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia, I worked most of my career in hospitality design. I was laid off while working for an international hotel conglomerate.

Nonetheless, I participated in the company’s annual handmade craft show by selling my handcrafted jewelry. To my surprise, the response was amazing! By the end of the day, most of my jewelry was sold. This was the turning point for me. I began to visualize myself creating jewelry and starting an entrepreneurial journey in the jewelry business.

Now, I have the good pleasure of bring my jewelry to you! Want to come see where it all happens? I would love to invite you to my studio in Rockville, Maryland at the Artists & Makers Studios! You can find more information about the location by clicking link to my contact page!


Much Love,





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